According to the Daily Record, Michael McKeown of Callahan, McKeown and Co. Ltd was up before the Scottish Solicitors' Discipline panel due to choosing to pay a £325 fixed penalty for possession of the class B substance, cannabis. Payment of the fixed penalty ensures Michael does NOT have a record of criminal conviction. However, the professional Disciplinary panel found McKeown guilty of professional misconduct. Further, his behaviour was deemed, "serious and reprehensible".

The circumstances surrounding Michael's actions during the Spring of 2020 ensure he is very much Neil Doncaster's man for Compliance Officer. The partner aged 54 years was not working when a regular client called him to attend Glasgow Sheriff Court. He reached the main doors security and informed the Police he was attending to represent a client. The Police doubted his credentials because Michael was wearing a Sellik training jersey. After loud remonstration, he was searched and a bag of cannabis was found in his trouser pocket.

Michael explained he was suffering from stress and a friend had given him the drug to aid relaxation and help with sleep deprivation. He had forgotten the dope was in his pocket. The Panel found that Michael was acting in a professional capacity when he attended the court and should not have had an illegal substance in his possession. The Panel agreed a censure was the most appropriate outcome. This means Michael can continue to operate as a Solicitor, essentially it is a reprimand which does not impact on his ability to practise law.

Some may say, Neil Doncaster will NOT object to the 56 year old Lawyer wearing his Sellik jersey to work whilst acting as Compliance Officer? Michael has pointed out he owns the away top too!

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