About Gersnet

Gersnet is an independent Rangers FC fansite founded in the year 2000. As we enter our 23rd season of coverage, we hope to continue our reputation as a quality source of information for all Rangers fans.


The year that Gersnet was established.


Over 1000 quality articles since inception (and counting).


Over 300 podcasts (live and recorded) since the pod was started in 2018 with over 6000 YouTube subscribers alone.

Not only do we have our main website with a regular stream of quality articles and online museum but our popular forums are a great place to keep up to date with the latest Rangers news. Join the forum now to discuss a variety of issues in our well-moderated, friendly environment. You can also listen to our podcast with knowledgeable guests who discuss each game and a variety of other Rangers news.

In recent years, we've also seen the growth of social media and Gersnet has a busy Twitter account for every fan to interact with. Since we have over 20000 followers (including various celebrities and journalists), you can be sure of an interesting discussion.

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