Traditional Blue Jersey

Rangers FC's classic blue jersey is one of the most iconic symbols in Scottish soccer history. First debuting in an 11-0 victory against Clyde in 1872, the blue shirt, white knickers, and blue and white hooped socks have remained a club staple for nearly 150 years. Today, many believe someone chose the royal blue jersey during their initial meeting. Unfortunately, the exact origin of the Rangers' colours is unknown due to a lack of early records.

Whatever the motive for the call, it is fair to say it was popular. Light blue has become synonymous with the Glasgow giants, eliciting pleasant sensations and even arousing powerful emotions in their legions of fans. It most emphatically does in Scotland.

The Royal Blue and White Jersey

In 1882, the club famously switched from blue to blue and white hoops for their home kit. After a rough patch, a former secretary was superstitious; something had to change. He suggested a constant change, and the players agreed, swapping out their traditional blue for their new hoops. Unfortunately, the experiment didn't bring good results on the pitch, and the dressing room wasn't happy, either.

After a season passed, it was unanimously agreed during board meeting the following year that Rangers FC should return to royal blue. It's remained intact ever since. However, the hooped jersey remained as an away jersey for the next five decades! Rangers fans can always tell Celtic supporters ‘we had hoops before you were even invented’.

Classic Red Jersey

The jersey was first revealed in 1899 and resembled the former Govan burgh colours - black and red. While there is some speculation as to why the club chose these colours, many believe it was to pay homage to the shipyard workers of nearby Govan who diligently worked day and night constructing massive black vessels with red-tipped funnels. Since then, Rangers' classic red jersey has become a symbol of passion and pride for fans throughout Scotland.

Other designs

Throughout their history, Rangers have employed a variety of other designs and colours. The current away strip features a red and white diagonal split which has been used in previous seasons whilst this season's orange third kit is a colour that remains popular any time it has been used.

So whether you're cheering on your favourite team or placing a bet on your favourite sport, remember Rangers FC's iconic strips designs which hold special meaning for all who follow Glasgow's most renowned soccer club!