When the Beginner Sportsbook Betting Tips articles stop working for you, it’s time to move on to greener pastures. You can start learning advanced techniques from pros, take advice from experienced friends, or you can go for something more… interesting. Novelty bets between friends are common and a fun way to spice up match viewings, but what happens when these silly odds make their way to official bookies? These are some of the weirdest football bets we could find.

€1 Win

The way this gambler made his bank is awe-inspiring. Back in 2011, a Maltese gambler made a name for himself when he won €683,739.88 on his football score prediction after never making a bet of more than €1. He had staked that €1 on an accumulator bet of 19 football results. After 18 matches and 18 correct guesses, tensions were high. But with the 19th win, he made what some think is the biggest win ever on an accumulator.

A tearful triumph

During the 1990 World Cup, video evidence of Paul Gascoigne’s teary foul may have been a lucrative investment for some. This didn’t come out of nowhere. Gascoigne (or Gazza as he is usually known) is famous for showing his emotions at the 1990 World Cup. Maybe it’s time to dig up some old matches from your dusty DVR and pay extra close attention to players' faces from now on.

First of all, I’d like to thank…

American football is no stranger to wacky odds. A common one is a bet on who the MVP will thank first. The options are endless, one might think, but cast your mind back to any Oscar winner. Who do they generally thank? God, their family, friends, and crew. In the case of footballers, the most common answer is the big man in the sky. Teammates, family, and coaches are next. ‘No one’ is also a valid answer here.

Bonus: The Queen’s Hat

Gamblers’ creativity deserves to be recognised. Thanks to her brave monochromatic colour choices, the Queen’s fashion sense was often a hot topic, and fun fascinators and hats are a staple of British royals’ clothing. So instead of putting energy into stats and betting on horses at the Royal Ascot, some punters preferred to bet on the colour of the Queen’s headwear. In 2019, bookies paid out on her hat being grey, which resulted in outrage. News outlets and netizens claimed the hat was blue, but the bookies' claims stood firm. What an exciting day in the world of gambling.