Many appreciate the game for its sense of excitement and community, others are fascinated by spectacular victories or crushing defeats. The game captivates entire stadiums and makes up a part of our cultural code. That said, we can’t but recall the eternal partner of the football game — football betting. With football still in the highlight, where does online betting stand?

One thing is for sure, the face of betting has changed since a decade or two ago. With the rise of new betting sites, betting is increasingly seen as a dynamic activity that connects people to local and international football events and provides a way to profit off of your hobby and extensive knowledge of lineups.

As of November 2022, the gross yield of betting totalled £2.4 billion and was expectedly led by football (£1.1 billion). The new bookmaking options continue to spring up, and the competition in the market of online bookmakers has heated up as well, that’s why we see bookies improving upon the key parameters that customers want to see: safety, convenience, and profit.

The safety of online bookmakers starts with thorough licensing, and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is the body to ensure it. With more than 25 documents to send for application, UKGC is by far one of the world’s strictest organizations in terms of regulations and procedures. Online betting companies nowadays tend to have whole compliance departments to monitor whether their operations are legal.

The convenience aspect is gaining more importance as well, and investing in it is far from diminishing returns. It has become an edge that allows outshining the competition and making it to the top. For one thing, betting sites offer a variety of payment options to make it simple to withdraw and deposit funds. Most of them include Visa and Mastercard as the preferred payment method in the UK, while next in terms of widespread usage is PayPal. It is also possible to use a variety of e-wallets. Reliable bookies will pay all winnings in full and follow their rules when calculating bets.

These calculations are in direct correlation with the third key element of what betting sites try to improve on — profit. At the heart of lucrative betting are odds and promotions. These are what make bets a worthwhile investment and arguably the most important aspect of any strategy for sports betting. Odds can give you an idea of what the outcome of a match will be and help you find the best price for your team or event. Betting odds tend to be higher for top-flight leagues and events, but there is a tendency to make niche and local events feature more markets and offer better value, too. Another trend is complementing the sportsbook with exuberant content sections featuring guides, news, and expert predictions.

Online betting venues are still standing. And with more betting sites on the scene, it’s safe to say the industry isn’t going anywhere. As long as pubs and fan zones with popular matches are packed to the brim, and football enthusiasts breathlessly await the outcome of a particularly prestigious match, betting will draw on that excitement and continue giving gainful options to the punters.