Can it be argued that is unsuccessful time as manager soured his legacy? He was brave enough to take the challenge, and you wouldn’t have expected Greig to have refused the challenge of replacing Jock Wallace as Rangers manager. Would things have been different if Greig’s charges had managed to have won the treble in his first season (added to the wonderful run and performances in Europe)? We’ll never know.

The title of Greatest Ever Ranger is an immense title and accolade once you start to look at the other contenders of this title. Mr Struth, The Founding Fathers, RC Hamilton, Valance, John Greig, George Young, Bob McPhail, Alan Morton – these are just the tip of the iceberg. For me, Mr Struth epitomises Rangers and everything we stand for. Personally, Mr Struth is Rangers, others will rightly point to our Founding Fathers, others will rightly have their own opinion.

In my fledgling and informative years as a Rangers supporter, all my family talked about John Greig and told tales of his heroic service for Rangers. My Uncle was lucky enough to play professional football and played against Rangers for West Brom and all the family were given tickets for the game. Not only that, Greig had learned of our leanings and had arranged for a stadium tour as well as tickets in the directors box. I’ll never forget my old gran's (God Bless Her) face when we were shown the trophy room – she asked Greig if she could have a job cleaning all the silverware! We were then invited into the inner sanctums of Ibrox after the game to meet both teams. A truly unforgettable day for our family thanks in no small part to Mr Greig.

One thing that can’t be disputed, when you look at the clubs traditions, values, history, John Greig ticks all the boxes. Rangers have certainly been enriched by John Greig’s presence and would have been a poorer club without this colossus on the field of play. A decorated Scottish International, Rangers Captain, Rangers Manager and simply a fantastic footballer (his footballing ability was undervalued in my opinion), a gentleman and last but not least, a Ranger.

Greatest Ever Ranger? Who am I to argue?

CAMMYF (Gersnet site contributor)

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