Match Secretary: N/A

Home: Flesher's Haugh, Glasgow Green

No competitive matches

Match Results

Round Competition Date Venue Outcome Opponents For Agt. Crowd
Friendly L Star of Leven 0 1  
Friendly L Star of Leven 0 4  
Friendly Nov 11 Sat a D Rovers 0 0  
Friendly Jan 2 Fri a W Dollopers (Garelochhead) 3 0  
Friendly 10 Sat a W Granby 6 0  
Friendly 24 Sat a D Oxford (Glasgow) 0 0  
Friendly Feb a L Havelock 0 1  
Friendly a W Union Jack 7 0  
Friendly 28 Sat a D Standard 0 0  
Friendly Mar 21 Sat a W Helensburgh 2 0  


  1873: Rangers didn't submit their Scottish Cup application in time so weren't included for this season.

  No dates or venues known for a variety of games above. Others games were also played but no data available.

  Rangers held their first 'Annual' Gathering (also known as a 'Hop') in 1873.

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