Rob Kiernan v Dundee - Key or incompetent?

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Unfortunately I lost most of my minute by minute notes, so I'm afraid this is an abbreviated analysis - even if the images are interesting!

I decided to track Kiernan this week as I thought he had a very solid game - what a mistake that was with all the touches and passes he had! Manually tracking this is incredibly time consuming but hopefully enjoyable for all our readers.

Touches 105 (52 in first half; 53 in second half)
Passes 75 for 81 (43 for 45 in first half; 32 for 36 in second half)
Interceptions 5
Clearances 4
Challenges 1
Headers 5

I didn't track his movement when marking a man, unless he challenged or headed a ball away from that man. Therefore it's incredible to see that the only time he had to play the ball in the box, was from a goal kick that Foderingham passed to him at the edge of the penalty area.

It's also interesting to see how the start of the second half saw Kiernan and Wilson often on the same side of the pitch, with Tav almost playing as a third centre-back in a line with them. Warburton must have seen something and adjusted at half time to try and keep Dundee from scoring or creating genuine chances.

Flipping (vertically and horizontally) the charting so that the flow of play for Rangers went from left to right, it's interesting to see Kiernan's positioning when he received the ball, and how often he passed to Tav/Forrester/O'Halloran on the Dundee side of the field, a few yards off the touchline.

I look forward to seeing Kiernan progress this year - even if we bring in another central defender such as Lescott. I think he has been solid, and unlike Wilson, I very rarely end up yelling at my screen during the match for something he has done.

On to Motherwell!

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