Back to basics: Rangers v St Mirren

Match Analysis
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The “Back to Basics” campaign initiated in 1993 by then Prime Minister, John Major was a nostalgic appeal to traditional values. It was derailed due to a succession of Conservative Ministers getting caught up in a variety of scandals. Glossing over that fact, the strategy itself was a sound one. Up to that point in his stint as PM, Major had been dealing with infighting on a range of issues, rebellion on key votes such as the Maastricht Treaty, and the fallout from Black Wednesday where we were forced to remove the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, costing the UK an estimated £3.4billion. It was clear the country needed to stabilise in order to progress.

Today, on Black Friday, Rangers too need to get Back to Basics. The travails of the boardroom have caused untold unrest over the past few years. Even this year, with a groundswell of support at last for the team and coaching staff, we continue to be beset by issues out with the squad’s control. Suggesting this has had an effect on recent results, is perhaps a bit of a stretch. Nonetheless, performances over the last couple of months have been laboured. We’ve struggled to break down some well organised defences, we’ve been predictable in possession, we’ve not taken a number of chances and we’ve lost goals to poor defensive mistakes.

This contrasts with early season form where our play was more fluid and pleasing on the eye. Our opponents have learned much from those early performances and from a defensive perspective have also gone back to the very basics of defending first in order to give themselves a chance in each game.

St Mirren visit Ibrox for a lunchtime kick-off in the Petrofac Training Cup Semi Final. This will hopefully be our final chance to win this competition, and one we simply must take. Warburton’s tactics and team would therefore seem simple. Get back to the basics of our early season form. High tempo passing and movement, pressing high up the pitch, clear roles and responsibilities from a defensive perspective and making our chances count.

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