From Scratch : Rangers vs Hibernian Match Preview

Match Analysis
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This is my first preview on Gersnet, I may have done a few years back but I cant remember. This is a new one on me but im sure im not the first Gersnet Previewer to have had to start his preview again after a diabolical performance in the previous game.

From scratch is what Rangers need. There was an undeniable opportunity for our club when we were put down to Division 3 to rebuild its whole infrastructure. Not going to get too bogged down in the details but suffice to say, that opportunity was not taken, the wrong ‘chairmen’ and wrong backroom staff were in place at the time.
If we do get promoted (stop laughing in the back there!), I fear we will see relegation all to soon. To have this club in good footing between 5th March and the start of the 2015/16 season will make for nothing short of a miracle.

However, if we are to stay in Divison 1, I see it as an opportunity to give the right manager enough time to start from scratch again, focus on the youth, a shake-up in tactics that we have been crying out for long before our troubles in recent past.

Jumping the Gun

I started writing my preview last Friday, it was may be weighing a bit too far on the optimistic side, pushing the bounds of still being in the cup and making our way towards promotion.
Optimism has become a very dangerous feeling as a Rangers fan over the past few years. A lot of people have lost it, a lot of people are the other spectrum and are eternal optimists. Im the middle ground. That glass may have something that quantifies 50% in it but I cant tell if its half empty or half full most day, or most hours.

Fright Night

So, our next match is on Friday the 13th, the first of 3 this year. I’m not the superstitious type when it comes to this day, nor was I when I failed to send that chain letter when I was 10. Slightly superstitious when it comes to Rangers, not in a ‘I have to switch the lights off and on 100 times or we’ll lose 10-0’ kind of way, I just don’t like when my plans have to change leading up to a game.

The Nightmare

We are, in any case, in the middle of our very own nightmare off the pitch as well as on it, except in our case is in Edmiston Drive rather than Elm Street.
There are many horrors to our particular story, devils who have entered our dream, the heart and soul of our club, and made it a nightmare. They have slashed away at every opportunity in order to fill their own pockets without regards to the fans, the staff, and most importantly the history and best interest in Rangers Football Club.
This disharmony, inevitably, has had its effect on the field as well, and last time we played Hibs at Ibrox, our players sure got a fright in the first 45 minutes!
The game against Raith was another fright, I have felt some defeats hard over the years but this one, however little it may seem in the grand spectrum, was big. It saddens me deeply that there is not one person in our playing staff that could be considered a leader.

McDowall doesn’t want to be there, that’s obvious, so our senior players should be the ones ripping into the other players on the park, at half time in the dressing room, and anywhere else they see fit. Although I can understand the younger players not really taking an interest in what the senior players have to say when none of them seem to show any heart on the pitch. I did like seeing Kenny Miller rip into Ian Black at one point in the Raith game, but a 10 second rant at one player in a 90 minute long game is hardly any fight.

Evidently, our nightmare is unfortunately continuing on all fronts.

The Dream

So in order to chase these nightmares away, we have the shining light that is an EGM in a few weeks time. I know we have had a few EGM’s in recent years, but this is the first time where the odds are seemingly being stacked in the direction of Dave King and the ‘good guys’.
This becoming more evident by the current Nightmare’s doing everything in their power to keep hold of our club with dirty tactics as is evident by their want for having the EGM held in a London venue which was never going to be appropriate. We live in the hope that justice prevails and there are no wrongdoings on the actual day with regards to voting/proxies.

The dream, in this case, is alive and kicking, and we can only hope that whilst our squad is very much from where we would want it to be at the moment, that maybe the performances on the pitch will also turn around to get this season of our back on track when events off the pitch show signs of improvement.

The Crucial

There are many points in a season that are defined as crucial, and the rest of our games are, but I believe that this is the pinnacle of this particular season. We don’t NEED to play well, but it would be nice to see. What we NEED, is all three points, anything less and the season is more of a goner than it already, bleakly, looks to being.
We may be ‘stuck’ with loanee’s from Newcastle, but it would foolish not to use them just to spite MA and Co…not that, as we understand, KM has a choice in the matter to play them or not. With one scoring the goal against Raith and the other (at least I thought) showing glimpses of being a decent player before going off injured, its not the worst of signings, albeit loan ones, we’ve had.

The 54 Words

This is something I wrote the other day, impromptu, when the fallout of all the EGM announcement(s) came out. It’s not really anything to do with this preview per se, but I’d like to share it. This is where my 50% is slightly leaning on the side of half full.

54 Words

This club of ours, has seen better days
Standards of old, have since gone away

Ordeal an understatement, since 2011
With owners not fit for purpose, when they’re gone it’ll be seventh heaven

Better days are to come, and as previous the case
We’ll be back where we belong, and we’ll welcome the chase

The Closing

I’ll leave it to others to take a stab at the team selection, not really something I’ve ever been good at. This preview is probably pretty all over the place compared to others, but we’re a pretty ‘all over the place’ club at the moment so if the shoe fits. I’ll try to be a bit more coherent in any future previews I do. Hibs are coming off some pretty good form at the moment, they havent lost in a few months, so they'll be full of confidence coming into Ibrox with that in mind.

The stadium may be mostly empty, and im sure that has an effect on performances from both sides (ours goes down, theirs goes up), but the players shouldn’t forget that these boycotts are not because of them, if they took a queue from the fans who so passionately protest to the evil that is going on at the club, we would at least have that.

Whatever the line up, there is no option to sit back anymore, the players need to bring the fight and the fright to the opposition for the remainder of the season. Even if we don’t get promoted, the fans will be a bit more content with the conclusion of the season if the team shows signs thats it knows what club they're playing for and the motto of No Surrender that never dies.

In closing, MON THE GERS! Scratch away.