Rangers v Raith Rovers - A place called Hell

Match Analysis
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I’m sure most of the old film buffs amongst us will remember a lot of the amazing films starring Clint Eastwood. The one that stands out in my head at this moment was the film High Plains Drifter. In this film Clint rode into a mining town and started dealing out his version of justice on all the towns folk. He kills some gunslingers and even rapes a woman who dared to bump into him in the street and slap his cigar out his mouth. To belittle the towns folk he makes them paint the whole town red. He also gets them to change the name board of the town from Lago to Hell.

The script that’s in my head at the moment only has a small resemblance to the script from High Plains Drifter. Clint turns out in the end to be a good guy who clears the town of bad guys who ran the town under corruption and the fear that they would all lose their jobs, as the mine they were working at was actually based on land that did not belong to them.

In my script it’s the bad guy who has rode into town and the once proud Rangers FC name above the Ibrox door has been figuratively changed to Hell. Every decision or information that comes out of the boardroom is painted red to act like a matador’s cape in front of the raging bull that is the Rangers support. That matador is Mike Ashley. He is prompting and teasing the Rangers support, body swerving every movement and sticking the point of his spear into the lifeblood of our club. With every stab of his spear the more blood drips from the wounds he inflicts. The bull gets weaker and weaker making it easier for the next body swerve and stab. His henchmen, the Rangers Board, who are acting as the clowns which distract the bull, scream ‘OLÉ’ in delight every time the spear hits home.

Again today the Rangers supporters saw red when the board announced that the upcoming EGM would be held in London. This is yet another body swerve and stab at the already bleeding flesh of the Rangers Support to try and weaken us for the final kill. By putting a large distance between the small shareholders and the EGM Mr Ashley and his bullshit henchmen hope just enough small shareholders will be put off casting their vote to sway victory in their favour.

The biggest fault a matador can make is lose respect for the bull and underestimate the power even a wounded bull can generate. Many a matador and indeed the clowns there to protect him have been gored by the horns and tossed by the wayside. Mr Ashley and his clowns have shown only contempt and disrespect to the Rangers support, but as a support we’re figuratively like the injured bull and a bull is at it’s most dangerous when injured. After 4 years of mismanagement this bull sees a last gasp chance to pierce a piece of the matador’s body. The red cape has disappeared. Our EGM will not feel like London or wherever the clowns decide to move it to, but the streets of Pamplona. There will be nowhere to run or hide for the matador and his clowns. They will all be run down and gorged by the raging bull that is the Rangers support. In this case it will be the Bull who screams OLÉ.

At the end of High Plains Drifter, Clint Eastwood rides out of town passing the name board Hell and rides into the distance. On the 5th of March our new board will hopefully march up Edmiston drive, the Rangers FC sign will look as heavenly as ever and the heart and soul of our club will once more be coloured BLUE.


Rangers FC   Raith Rovers

With all the antics from Ashley and the clowns in the Rangers boardroom it’s sometimes easy forget we have a game coming up and on Sunday Raith Rovers visit Ibrox in the Scottish Cup fifth-round tie.

Three of a total of 5 players have arrived from Newcastle United on loan and according to Kenny McDowell he has been told by Derek Llambias and Sandy Easdale that the Newcastle players must be the first names on the team sheet when fit. This has brought a bag of mixed feelings from the supporters. The bottom line for me is if they better the team they should play, but they should not be an automatic choice.

Gael Bigirimana is a central midfielder who’s made 26 appearances (10 of which were in the Europa League) and scored 1 goal for Newcastle. He’s already trained with our squad and will be looking for a starting spot.

Attacking midfielder Haris Vuckic, has made 19 appearances for Newcastle, 7 league, 10 Cup and 2 in the Europa League, plus he has one cap for Slovenia. He will also be looking for a starting spot.

Remie Streete is a central defender who has yet to make an appearance for Newcastle. As he is just returning from injury and has trained apart all week he will probably not be risked for this game, although might be named as a substitute.

We’ve already played Raith twice this season scoring 10 goals in the process. We beat them 4-0 at Stark’s Park in September and then 6-1 at Ibrox in October. The last cup game we played against them ended in defeat in the Ramsdens cup. A cup game is also different from a league game as even the smaller teams feel they have a chance of springing a surprise and normally fight that bit harder. Raith have also gone 5 games without defeat and even took a point from Hibs last week, which is something that Rangers have failed to do this season.

Derek Llambias, and Sandy Easdale, have been told by the club’s security advisors to stay away from Ibrox on Sunday as a demonstration has been planned by the Sons of Struth. It is believed they will accept that advice and stay away.

I think our team will be:

Foster - McGregor - Jig - Wallace
Law - Bigirimana - Smith

No matter what the political situation is within the club I wish the team all the best.

C'mon the Gers!!!!!!


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