Raith Rovers v Rangers: Ignorance, Corruption and Risks

Match Analysis
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Ally McCoist sticking four past Raith in the 90s, a former, fat Prime Minister being a fan and an extra time winner against us last year is about all I know of Raith Rovers. Over the years I’ve been used to seeing these small provincial sides facing our greats and getting skelped or easily beaten. I never took the time to acquaint myself with Rovers’ players….I didn’t care….I was too busy celebrating to care about Raith Rovers.

Of course, there’s another reason. No, not that win against the yahoos inside Ibrox, but their chairman, Turnbull Hutton and his comments on the steps leading up to Hampden confirmed what every Bear knew: the Scottish Game is corrupt, when he said “What kind of game are we running here? It is corrupt.

So what else can we perceive as corrupt? £1 for the naming rights of one of the oldest and most famous stadiums in the world? Or subsequently blowing a rumoured, yet to be rebutted, £250,000 on trying to overturn that abhorrent deal?

So, just to be clear; Rangers were sold for £1 to Craig Whyte. Two years later the naming rights to Ibrox were apparently sold for £1. Mike Ashley has Rangers over the barrel. I’ve read some fans announcing Ashley as the messiah. Sigh! We never learn. A wealthy outsider tying your club up in knots for the price of a can of Irn Bru can never be a good thing. Only an idiot would welcome such a deal.

Let’s be straight here, past or present, the men who oversee the operations of Rangers FC are getting richer whilst the club goes down the tubes. In my book that is corrupt.

Going back to my ignorant disregard for Raith Rovers: Our former peers in Scotland, the rest of the UK and Europe now have those same feelings for us. During administration and the season following the sympathy in the game outside of Scotland was palpable as admiration for our support’s loyalty was shown across the Globe.

Now we hardly muster a mention on the likes of Sky Sports News. We’re toxic and god knows when the waters break and Ibrox bears witness to a proper demonstration that finally forces the higher powers, worldwide media and authorities to fully understand the level of corruption being played out.

Do we want to view Raith Rovers as a permanent rival or should we take drastic measures? Law abiding of course.

Writing a match preview on Rangers should be filled with optimism and exciting phrases about the players’ ability that brings about ‘Battle Fever’. Well, we need battle fever of a different kind which starts the journey to finally securing Rangers FC for our grandchildren.

How far are Rangers fans willing to go before we can pass the club to the next generation as healthy as we inherited it? The Gallant Pioneers took risks to form and grow our club. Former greats took risks on the park that won us title after title. Sooner or later we will have to consider taking risks on a larger scale than we now see.


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