Falkirk V Rangers: Shape up or ship out!

Match Analysis
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So, we’re scheduled to play Falkirk on Friday night. One of those ties that throws many bears plans in the air due to the SFPL offering to pay broadcasters money to televise games in the hope an interested chief executive is watching and offers some sponsorship cash.

That doesn't really sound right, does it? Well, Scottish Football’s a busted flush with Rangers being at the centre of it all. Rangers, as hard as this is to say, is also a busted flush. From top to bottom the club’s tumbling down the mountain, losing friends, influence and dare I say, supporters.

We all know why, well most do. Some heads are stuck in the sand so deep that recovery is pointless. I won’t bore you on the details though. Our promotion to a league of full time players has finally brought our lacklustre football to the fore. To a degree we got away with it as we ploughed our way through the farm fields of Scottish Football against inexperienced, part time players.

Hibs was a wee jolt, Hearts was confirmation of how bad we have been performing for two years. Don’t get me wrong, Hearts are no great shakes, but they’re disciplined and willing to get stuck in which is a far cry from the attitude of our well-paid professionals.

Ally McCoist, Rangers’ top goal scorer, multiple winner of leagues, cups and two coveted European Golden Boots, is struggling in his role. Rumours of poor training sessions, the youth players taking a dislike to Ally’s methods with a view to leaving appear to have foundation.

On paper we should walk all over Falkirk but we probably won’t. Reason being, in my opinion, is the players brought to Rangers by Ally have gone backwards in their development. Quite the feat when we have one of the top training facilities in European football. The big worry is the development of Lewis Macleod, a player with genuine ability and potential, is not going to progress under the current management team.

Twitter loves conjecture and Sunday night was full of ‘Ally’s resigned’ or ‘Ally’s been sacked’. Perhaps one of those two scenarios will play out before Friday night but I highly doubt it. Ally, for his own good, needs to go. ‘Big Eck’ was bad in patches, Ally’s just consistently bad at management. A great shame when he was my and tens of thousands of Rangers fans idol.

Football seasons are hard to predict and we really don’t know what’s in store for the team, the incompetent and untrustworthy board, and off course Ally McCoist. Whatever happens to Ally, I hope we can show some respect to a true Rangers hero. Yes, his performances need analysed with honest appraisal, but the name calling, the same names the mob from the east call him, must stop now.

We’re better than abusing our own (no jokes!) and we should thank Ally for at least trying. If that’s too hard, say nothing before you embarrass yourself and the club or even direct your ire at the board, anything goes with them in my book.

Anyway, after Sunday’s disaster I asked if we will beat Falkirk. No one was able to answer with any conviction. That speaks volumes for the players, who should be busting a gut regardless of who’s the manager, but it speaks volumes about the management team too.

Shape up or ship out!


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