Buckie Thistle v Rangers – Cash gate at Victoria Park for Buckie tonight

Match Analysis
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Throughout many parts of Scotland the name Buckie is synonymous with the alcoholic beverage known as Buckfast Tonic Wine, a somewhat controversial 120 year old French fortified wine recipe which has been getting manufactured at Buckfast Abbey in Devon since the 1890s.

Buckie was originally only sold in small quantities for medicinal purposes and presumably that’s where it’s name ‘tonic wine’ hailed from as it was classed as a medicinal tonic, but this particular tonic has had an omnipresence in Scottish drinking culture for decades now and in modern day Scotland is widely regarded as rocket fuel, even by it’s loving drinkers.

One of the ironic things about Buckie though, is that many of it’s devoted drinkers probably don’t even know there’s a Scottish town called Buckie with a football club called Buckie Thistle, a club which is reportedly older than the ever popular loopy juice made at a Devonshire Abbey.

Thanks to Rangers though, it’s all changing for some of Scotland’s Rangers obsessed and geographically challenged medicine drinkers in Glasgow's east end because the first of Rangers pre-season tour fixtures kicks off tonight at 19:30 in Victoria Park, Buckie up in Moray which is the home of Highland League side and ten time Highland League winners Buckie Thistle.

Having traveled up to Dornoch and been training there and at Brora for a couple of days where we play Brora Rangers on Sunday, Ally McCoist’s squad have quite a tough wee friendly game ahead of them in Buckie tonight. According to the manager and certain players who’ve spoken about this first pre-season fixture ahead of the match, it’s not going to be about playing good football, it’s all about fitness levels.

In fairness, pre-season games are always about fitness levels to a certain extent, but there’s nothing like getting your excuses in early just in case! Regardless of these comments though, the traveling fans will be expecting to see some decent football too and I think we can be sure that our manager and his players know this all too well.

Jon Daly and David Templeton have been left at home due to injuries, but our 3 new signings Boyd, Miller and McGregor have traveled up to Moray with the squad and have also been joined by 30 year old Lithuanian defender Marius Žaliūkas, so it’s fair to say that we have a very strong squad for facing these two Highland League teams tonight in Buckie and on Sunday in Brora.

There will be a cash gate at Victoria Park for Buckie tonight, but please be aware that you’re paying to see a Rangers fitness exercise, not for medicinal tonic wine.


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