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  1. I was at a close friend’s stag do in Newcastle over the weekend. Beer, food, racing, karaoke and a bunch of mates I’d not seen for a while – it was magic! And with an Old Firm semi-final on the Sunday afternoon, I was even fairly excited to get back up the road. Unfortunately, an unforeseen two hour delay on the train meant I was going to miss a good portion of the first half. But even a patchy 4G service on the run into Waverley had my good mood evaporating as Rangers got off to an awful start in the game.

  2. Recently, we launched our new Gersnet Podcast and we've been delighted with the response across the community. As promised we're hoping the pod will be available on a weekly basis so today we're very happy to bring you episode three

  3. On Sunday Rangers will play one of their most important games of the season. We travel to Hampden park for the Scottish Cup Semi-Final against our old rivals Celtic. With the league virtually out of our reach, the season could only really be called a success if we could lift the Scottish cup.

  4. Earlier this week Club1872 responded to some skulduggery from an MSP and a Sun journalist. Clarification was asked for on both spurious stories, with prompt reaction to the latter story (which was retracted), and Club1872 then informed its members of these actions. As a member of Club1872 this is exactly what I want to see from them. It was a fair request, it was handled quickly and professionally and was communicated in a similar fashion. Not much wrong with that, in fact it was a more than decent response in the face of the gutter level behaviour that precipitated it.

  5. Last week, we launched our new Gersnet Podcast and we've been delighted with the response across the community. As promised we're hoping the pod will be available on a weekly basis so today we're very happy to bring you episode two!

  6. One of the new theories of personality is that it is a fluid entity. The days of strictly adhering to Eysenck, Allport and even Freud theorising over dimensions and trait theory being solidified within subjects are being challenged. We adapt and change our personality to evolve within the environment that we face. This environment changes frequently on a daily basis from family to work to friends and even those we like and dislike. Therefore, our personality is required to be a fluid entity as we act out our roles within society’s daily requirements.

  7. After an intense period of testing, panic, technical embarrassment and, eventually, excitement, we're delighted to announce the launch of our new Gersnet Podcast.

  8. OK, I've taken some liberties with the preview title in that it reflects our last game rather than the tricky task facing us this Saturday in Motherwell. Perhaps I should apologise for taking us back to the Kilmarnock capitulation but as I cleared the car of yet more ice this morning, it was difficult not to cast my mind back two weeks.

  9. As most of our followers and members will be aware, we've been doing some testing lately with regard to starting a new Gersnet Podcast.

  10. Like most Rangers fans ahead of last week's match against Celtic, I was confident of a good result. Not 'cocky' as some of the more conspirational of Celtic 'legends' have since suggested - just, for the first time in a long time, cautiously optimistic we could beat our rivals.

  11. As you get older and perhaps (or not) wiser you start to realise what politics is all about. Essentially people will do and say almost anything to further their cause and ultimately score points. In the world of social media virtue signalling is something of a recent twist on old tricks and serves to highlight that no link is too tenuous when there are points to be scored. Of course we in Scotland get our dose of signalling through our media, often from politicians, and usually related to bigotry (or what we’re told is bigotry) and with clock-work guarantee after Old Firm games.

  12. The plan for Glasgow was very different to what we have today, the city was going to be unrecognisable in many, many ways. Some plans just don’t work out.

  13. With a huge match coming up against Celtic at Ibrox on Saturday, there were some great photos from Auchenhowie as Rangers trained this morning.
  14. Last week we were informed that Charles Green and friends will face no further criminal proceedings with regard to their dealings after they bought Rangers. So there we go, another fraud chapter closed. A lot of bears are happy to leave these things in the past – it was a painful time so I understand that. The feel good factor currently on and off the pitch certainly helps to erase bad memories. But for me too many questions remain unanswered and that’s not just confined to Charles Green.

  15. All things considered, 2018 has been pretty good so far for Rangers supporters.

  16. Late last year, after some requests, we indicated that we were hoping to see if we could get a Gersnet Podcast started up and, after some discussions and very early preliminary testing, we're confident that we'll be able to progress this over the coming weeks with a view to having something ready to go for the end of this season (or certainly for the new campaign in the summer).

  17. ...she'd be yer Uncle!" So the saying goes.

  18. There is no denying that Jordan Rossiter is a supreme talent. Once touted as a potential star during his time at Liverpool, the 20-year-old moved to Ibrox in 2016 but has struggled with his fair share of injury issues since joining Rangers. In fact, his last appearance in the famous blue shirt came back in August but fans have been keeping a close eye on his progress as he looks to get back to his brilliant best.

  19. It's already been a few days since Saturday's defeat and I don't mind admitting I'm still smarting from the loss of another three points at Ibrox.

  20. After a nervy final 24 hours of the transfer window, with Chinese bids received and rejected for our top scorer, we survey the state of the squad and look forward to welcoming Hibs to Ibrox this weekend.

  21. Over the last few months, much has been made of apparent discussions between Rangers and various supporters groups about the creation of a standing section similar to what Celtic have been trialling at Parkhead. So much so that Club1872 is midway through a survey whereby they will consider helping fund such a project. And, as someone who spent the best part of ten years as part of the Blue Order, I can certainly appreciate the nuances of such a debate.

  22. James Tavernier has probably been the biggest enigma in the Rangers side over the last few seasons in terms of splitting the opinions of many supporters. Whilst his attacking threat and excellent output going forward has never really been questioned, his defensive qualities, lack of positional awareness and a failure to competently defend his back post definitely have been.

  23. Glasgow to Dingwall is just over a four hundred mile round trip and it has a population that is under six thousand. While there you can take in the Dingwall museum, Pefferside park and the Hector McDonald Monument to name but a few of its attractions. The main attraction for all those bears travelling north this Sunday with be Victoria Park, now known as the Global Energy Check Stadium. This is the home of Ross County who entered the highland league in 1929 and were then admitted to the third division of Scottish football in 1994. Nicknamed “The Staggies”, which is taken from their badge which bears a stag’s head; this signifies the Seaforth Highlanders regimental badge with which many of the inhabitants had fought in the Great War.

  24. Rangers start off 2018 with a hard fought win over Aberdeen at Ibrox.

  25. I schooled with a lad named Peter, we played football for the same Boys' Clubs and indeed our school. He had the sweetest left foot and revelled in our three years at Fir Park Boys Club. He loved the claret and amber, the mighty 'Well, to the extent he believed Jumbo Muir was the future football, in the same way Bruce Springsteen was the future rock'n'roll. We were beneficiaries of being coached by Northern Irish internationalist, Billy Campbell and future manager of Falkirk, Alloa, Partick Thistle, .. etc, Billy Lamont. We watched the sublime Bobby Graham doing extra training, all ball work, and received complimentary tickets for the Enclosure when 'Well took on a succession of top flight English clubs in the Texaco Cup.

  26. The BBC/Rangers “boycott” has been rumbling on for some time now. Occasionally you’ll see a comment on social media or catch something in the BBC's reporting that reminds that you all is not normal. And has not been for some time. Time is certainly ticking on with this, a quick search threw up reports with dates of August 2015 for the opening salvos, and January 2016 as the beginning of the long running boycott. That’s more than two whole years where the national broadcaster has voluntarily boycotted one of the biggest sporting institutions in the UK.

  27. "We want folk in 30 to 40 years to still be talking about the forthcoming Rangers game in a similar fashion so they can tell their grandchildren where they stood that day in 2018 when the famous Glasgow Rangers came to Bellslea." The words of Fraserburgh Chairman Finlay Noble in 'The Press & Journal'. There's little doubt that this is by far and away the biggest game in the 108 year history of Fraserburgh FC and as far as the town itself is concerned the only time that the general vibe has approached anything like the current buzz was in 1992 when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited for the celebration of the founding of the town's 400th anniversary.

  28. Graeme Murty has been in charge for a while now, and over the course of his tenure we have seen him experiment with a number of different shapes; some have worked, but others have not. A fruitful trip to Florida last week has hinted at another change of shape, and a new tactical focus, which we may see more of when Rangers return to domestic duty in the coming week.

  29. Graeme Murty and Mark Allen's encouraging mix of of signings has convinced Geordie.

  30. In an article in the Evening Times last night, journalist Chris Jack stated that Graeme Murty and his team are "fighting for second place in the the second half of the season.

    As a supporter, I have to take exception to this.