Obsessed Trump-ets still chasing their own tail

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Parallels can be drawn between the behaviour of certain Rangers haters and the age of Trump style 'fake news'. A splurge of 20p bets on a Rangers admin event; the bookies protect themselves by suspending betting. What happens next? The Red Top Chip papers report on it and the ugly lie grows. After all there are fraction of a penny hits to be had...

I have been shown the text which started it all. A text message banded around by one strange supposed football fan which reads “Rangers to go in to voluntary Liquidation, it is to oust King, came from a board member”. There is no such thing; liquidation takes place after a CVA cannot be agreed by the creditors at a vote. Now considering Dave King is one of the largest creditors how exactly would this oust him? This shows the level of idiocy, that they do not research the subject matter before proceeding with the lie.

<>As it stands, Rangers have no third party bank debt, or external credit facility too default on, so why would there be an admin event?

At last year's AGM pre-emption rights were removed which allows for dilution at a future share issue - this will mean that a large share of the loans put up by the Board investors will be converted to equity thus reducing debt on the business. We are in negotiation over a new retail contract for when the Sport Direct deal ends in the summer, and it looks like we are very much on course for European slot and the money that comes with the same. We also just rejected a £500K bid for a player. Therefore anyone who can believe or give credence to this fantasy needs to re-evaluate their sources.

In my opinion, this ruse was clearly designed to disrupt our transfer dealing in this window. Someone seems to be getting scared after we played them off the park for a majority of a game just over a week ago, and have now set up a Mbappe type agreement for an EPL winger. They know the Rangers are coming; they are stooping to desperate measures.

Finally, I have seen many calls for a club statement on the latest admin rumour spread by the ill. However once specific bogger, sorry blogger has had us linked with another administration event since 2013. His sad existence and bile should be ignored. But the bills must be paid and the weak taken advantage of (again).

Quite rightly Rangers should not give these people the infamy they crave within their own obsessed dark place of the internet by responding to their hate filled bile. Leave it to us: 54 and counting, we (still) welcome the chase!

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