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vBulletin has served us well over the last 10+ years but the time has come to move on as the Gersnet forums become increasingly popular. As such, as we notified to members in early December, we're pleased to confirm our move to the latest version of IPS Community as of 9pm on the 6th January.

Despite one or two small hiccups along the way we're delighted to now open the new forums which all members and guests can access from the following link:

IPBoard offers a lot of advantages compared to our previous software: it's faster, gives us improved functionality, reliable updates, flexible themes and increased security.

We're hoping the process has worked as expected but if you have any questions, suggestions or issues, please let us know on social media or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get back to you asap.

In the meantime, please check out the FAQs below and here's to another 18 years plus of our friendly, wee forum.


Q. Will I need to re-register?
A. No, all active existing accounts will transfer straight across to the new software. Contact us with any issues in that regard.

Q. Will I need to change my password?
A. No, your existing password should work fine once your account is transferred. Any problems, get in touch and we can reset manually.

Q. Will Tapatalk work with IPBoard?
A. Yes, although the new themes are fully responsive (i.e. resize automatically across all devices) you'll still be able to use Tapatalk if you wish. This may take a few days to work correctly.

Q. Will my profile have new options?
A. Yes, as well as being able to upload a new avatar, you can add other data to your profile as well as a cover picture and the ability to join 'clubs' of people with similar interests.

Q. I can't seem to find my old account?
A. As part of the migration process we deleted user accounts that hadn't accessed the site in the last year. Feel free to register again using your old details.

Q. What other content will be moved to the new site?
A. All existing threads, posts, private mails, banned users and most of the main bulk of the forum will transfer and be accessible once the move is completed.

Q. When can I access the new forum?
A. The new software us now available via the link above.

Q. Will the new forum have advertisements?
A. Yes but these will be kept to the absolute minimum and tailored for each user-group. For example, guests will have more adverts than registered users. Similarly, site contributors (such as article writers) can request to have ads switched off completely!

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