Rangers Need to Make the Right Decision Over a New Manager

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It hasn’t been the finest few weeks for the Rangers. The Gers have failed to live up to our expectations and haven’t hit home where it counts. And we’ve seen two outrageous losses against bottom-of-the-league teams, which surely must dishearten the already struggling side.

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Things were hardly better before Pedro Caixinha was relieved of his position, but the lack of structure seems to be taking its toll on the players and their performance. With that said, is this really a decision that the board can take lightly, or should they be taking their time?

It has now been more than a month since Rangers last had a permanent manager. Interim boss Graeme Murty seemed to bring the team back onto the straight and narrow for a while, but last Friday's 2-1 defeat against Dundee has really shaken up the sidelines. Now, once again, the focus is back to the manager.

Rangers’ pursuit of a new manager, or lack thereof, has even been labelled as ‘negligence’. Barry Ferguson has been quite vocal about highlighting the ‘lack of class,’ saying outright that ‘four weeks is too long’. Yet it seems reasonable at this stage that Rangers tread carefully.

Former midfielder Derek McInnes is thought to still be the club’s first choice. He has taken Aberdeen out of the bottom six, where they had been for a good few years, and into a secure second place in the league. He also managed to double Aberdeen’s turnover.

Although he has recently spoken out the speculation linking him to Rangers, stating his loyalties to Aberdeen in the most explicit way yet, he is still a possibility and could carry Rangers out of the rut. The Gers should be trying their best to make a deal with him if this is an option. Rangers play Aberdeen next in the league and are currently favourites to win with 1/1 odds.

Another possibility that has been mentioned is Tommy Wright. Again, Wright is a strong character who is organized and demanding of players — he should have what it takes to kick the team back into shape and would make a great second choice if McInnes is genuinely not in the cards.

It’s no secret that the club have suffered a disappointing spell with managers in recent years. Mark Warburton took the club back to the Premiership and made a positive initial impact all things considered. He was behind Rangers' semifinal Scottish Cup victory over Celtic, which is always nice, but ultimately, his input seemed to fizzle out in the end.

It was Pedro Caixinha who took over after that, and it must be said that the decision seemed to be a risk. He was an unknown Portuguese manager with only a mediocre track record, hardly the most inspiring.

Despite pressure to hasten the process ahead of this week's AGM, some still feel Rangers should continue to take their time and ensure they get the right candidate. The Rangers’ Director of Football Mark Allen is said to have been helping vet potential appointments for the managerial role, so even if Derek McInnes falls through, there remain other options. The new manager needs to be able to drive the team forward, not necessarily to league-winning standards initially, but to a solid second place again. In the meantime, Rangers will certainly be looking to make an impact in their upcoming matches against Aberdeen, reclaiming their second place spot.

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