Our New Adventure – Community Style!

Current Affairs
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2012 is our club’s 140th year in existence, and like all milestones we are going to celebrate it. 2012 will also be the year Rangers fans’ worldwide will never forget because of the crimes committed against our club or the witch-hunt from governing bodies from our national game.

However, our new adventure won’t be like we could have ever imagined. For the first time in our history we will be playing football at the bottom of Scottish Football’s league. You know something, I cannot wait.

We’re going into the nooks and crannies of Scotland’s game, visiting grounds some of us have never heard of, grounds that will sell out within an hour because of our huge travelling support, and small towns will see trade they don’t usually, or ever, experience.

We are all going to feel a real community club spirit on our travels. You know, where football brings the community together and most town residents are involved, little or small, in their club. Towns such as Peterhead, Annan or Elgin won’t be too bothered by the game’s petty, vindictive policies that currently emanates from Hampden and SPL clubs. Nor will top level corporate governance interest them that currently strangles the beautiful game.

So what will all this do for Rangers and its fans? Well, look at the queues stretching back from the Broomlan Rd stand down to the Copland Rd end for the past ten days. To a man we’re rejuvenated; football is what matters, backing the team, chanting the name of our heroes and coming together as a community.

Yes we have enemies, and they are not hiding it, but the focus is on football again. Support your team is the cry, let’s enjoy ourselves in the lower leagues is the mantra, as by the time we come back up Rangers FC will still boast to have won more trophies than any other club around the Globe.

There are not too many clubs in football that can boast over 30,000 season ticket holders, there are certainly not many, if any, that can boast over 30,000 season ticket holders in the bottom division of their respective leagues.

We’re talking about football; we’re talking about pulling together for the betterment of the club, collectively we know what we want, and just about know how to get it.

Psst, we’re becoming a community again bit by bit!