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Some of you may remember nearly a year ago I collected donations for an "Ibrox Murals" project I'd been speaking to the club about. However shortly afterwards the club went into administration, and unfortunately due other more pressing matters, it was all but forgotten about.

Since then I have been trying to construct a plan of what best to do with the donations, and after speaking with the various fan groups have come up with the project "Painting Our History".

The plan for the project is to paint massive 15 sq ft canvasses depicting our club's greatest moments i.e. 9 in a row, Barca '72, Souness Era etc… and donate the finished pieces to the club - on the condition they are displayed in a prominent area for the fans to enjoy i.e. within the Ibrox concourses.

I can't obviously promise that the club will accept this gesture, however I have a relatively good relationship with them, and in April '12 donated a painting to Rangers which was auctioned to raise £2800. So I don't really see any reason for them not to.

I have spoken with all the major forums (Follow Follow, Rangers Media & GersNet) and all have offered their support in backing the project as well as the Trust.

I estimate each painting to take approx 50 hours, and using the forums and social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook etc. I plan to post regular updates of each painting's status, so please follow my progress there or on my own website (click here).

To give you an idea of the scale of the paintings, I have posted a picture below:

Rangers Art

I hope that this project will generate a great buzz amongst the fans, and really stick it to anyone who says our history is not intact. So I hope to have all of your support, as that's what will make the hard work worthwhile.

Feel free to send me any iconic images you think would make a good addition to the project!  In the meantime, why not view my Flickr Gallery: