No reward for 'hate inspiring' blogs at the FBAs

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Our regular readers will recall our decision to withdraw from the Football Blogging Awards in October because of the unvetted inclusion of websites which we considered go against the spirit of the Awards.

With that in mind, we're pleased to note that at last night's ceremony, none of the blogs we complained about won an award. This didn't come as a surprise to us as we were encouraged by the candid response to our complaints from the judges and partners of the FBAs. While, for obvious reasons, we can't share the names who did respond to our concerns, just a few choice quotes include 'poisonous', 'dehumanising' and 'inspire hate' whilst an Award partner labelled one specific site's inclusion and promotion as 'outrageous'. It's also important to record that we respectfully turned down offers of mainstream media coverage of our complaint.

To conclude, although we remain disappointed with the public attitude of the FBAs organisers, we're appreciative of the stake-holders who did reply to our concerns and it seems clear the subsequent peer-review audit of the finalists took into account our complaint. While it was unfortunate that Stan Collymore did win a fans award we recognise it was perhaps gained in the main from his English followers presumably disinterested in his often flawed Scottish football commentary (including the regular deletion of social media comments he struggles to defend).

Gersnet now hopes the vetting process for future similar awards is improved so the kind of repugnant click-bait we often see from discredited bloggers continues not to be rewarded in any way.