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If I was to ask any football fan in the world to tell me the name of the football team they support, with the blink of an eye they could give me an answer. If I asked the same fan again to ask me the company number of the company which runs said team I am sure I would get a funny look - maybe not in Scotland right enough. My point is holding companies, call them what you like, do not matter a jot in terms of football. You are a football fan and you support your team through thick and thin.

However last week we all woke up to the story that Dave King had stated during his sit-down interviews with several newspapers that he planned on bringing the Rangers oldco - RFC 2012 - out of liquidation and merge this with the newco once all the court cases were complete. Now I am not going to get in the legalities of this, as unlike our friends from the east end of Glasgow, I am no expert in this field.

The premise is that there is a reasonable chance that once all monies are recovered from various court cases and settlements, the Rangers oldco could, in theory at least, have a surplus. Moreover, according to King, it may be possible to resurrect the oldco and return the club back under the holding company which was created in 1899 to create funds which built our beautiful, iconic main stand.

As I said above a company number means nothing in the real world - unless you’re a Celtic fan it seems - but this isn’t just any company. It’s one which has so much history connected to our great club. We truly are more than just a football team, we are a Scottish institution - indeed a British institution. It is also a company which has links to our very first manager, William Wilton.

I for one hope this is do-able. The talk of as much as 100p in the pound return to our creditors and all those fans who lost shares and debentures is a nice touch as well. It’s the Rangers way.

As it stands, King has delivered almost everything he has said he would in a very short space of time. Now this issue may take years after all the court cases but it’s a big statement for King and I doubt he'd have made such a controversial suggestion if he wasn't confident. Certainly his critics will be keen to pounce if he doesn't follow through on it.

And finally...

Ally McCoist was finally taken off the Rangers payroll last week. He was my hero growing up - a living legend. The video of his last Old Firm goal still gives me goosebumps to this day. Tears streaming down his face. A true Ranger but for varying reasons fans now have mixed emotions on him.

I must admit I am now the same but the truth is no-one knows the ins and outs of what went on behind the scenes during Whyte’s reign, during admin, during the Green takeover and all the accompanying nonsense. He was also a poor manager, no getting away with that, but a man who has given so much to our club on and off the park should always be welcome back to Ibrox and McCoist should be no different. Arguably it took longer than all had hoped to sort this but as King said last week there have been much bigger problems to sort than Ally McCoist.

With those comments in mind, I hope that’s the issue done and dusted. It's now more important the fans can move on and look forward to the Warburton revolution. I wish Ally all the best in whatever he does next and hopefully he will be back at Ibrox soon enough - with his mum of course!

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