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A new feature of the redesigned Gersnet main site will be some short discussion on the main media gossip of the day. Not every fan has access to the variety of coverage so we'll try to wrap everything into one bite-sized article each week-day. We may even include rumours from unofficial sources to either scoff at or get excited over!

(Various sources) Haris Vuckic wants Rangers deal

In a story now covered by all the main newspapers, it seems the young Slovenian loan star is under the impression he may be on the move from Newcastle this summer. Although his contract supposedly doesn't run out until summer 2016, Vuckic originally told the Evening Chronicle: "I know I won’t be at Newcastle next season. I am not sad, because I am focused on getting Rangers back into the top league. If we achieve that then I hope I’m around next season for the new challenge. It is up to Rangers but I am ready to sign up."

Given the 22 year old's decent impression so far in Glasgow, I suspect most fans would currently welcome any deal but I'm not so sure Newcastle will be as keen as Vuckic to terminate his contract. Moreover, with our league future still not guaranteed and other clubs likely to be alerted to the midfielder's possible availability, I'd suggest the chances of a permanent transfer remain low at this stage.

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(Herald Scotland) SPFL in line to net £1million windfall from Rangers

According to former Rangers media employee Lindsay Herron in today's Herald, the SPFL are due to make a small fortune if Rangers are involved in the promotion play-offs.

Herron informs us all that due to SPFL regulation C26, the authority will be entitled to 'a levy of 50%' of the gross ticket proceeds from each play-off match we have to play. This means because of alleged sums due to Newcastle for loan deals (including Haris Vuckic above), Rangers will pay out more in associated fees than they may earn from any possible promotion. Ouch!

Unfortunately, as much as some bears may fancy getting their knickers in a twist over this annoying issue, we've only ourselves to blame for not going up as champions. However, if the club do fancy trying their hand legally, perhaps they could just give play-off tickets away free with a souvenir £25 match programme on the day. Seriously though, it will be interesting to see how the club does approach the pricing strategy for the game. Will season book holders be expected to pay the same as those who stayed away for the bulk of this season?

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(Rangers.co.uk) Dave King approved by Court of Session

After much debate in recent years, Dave King announced to fans via the official club website that there were no legal issues for his application to become a Rangers Director.

Major shareholder King went on to explain that only the SFA may now stop his efforts to join the RIFC board ahead of new investment into the club.

The Court of Session approving King's application seemed a formality to any fair-minded commentator and it would now be a major surprise if the SFA were to go against that legal opinion with their own rules. Nevertheless, even if King is successful, the South African based businessman has a long way to go before proving himself 'fit and proper' with Rangers fans. How much will he invest and how will he involve the supporters and shareholders in his plans? Only time will tell...

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