Wed, Jul

A huge day ahead for Scotland

Current Affairs
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It's a huge day ahead of every Scots (and British) person and I make no apology for posting about the referendum on our main site today.

While we've had more than enough time to decide which way we're all voting, I hope everyone takes another few minutes to fully consider the implications of their vote.  Our decision will impact fully on the rest of our and our children's lives.  This should not be a decision taken easily or for granted - neither should it be based on hubris or misguided patriotism.

I'd also contend that while the overall quality of debate has often been poor, many people have made some valid arguments and I doubt any of us can say either side has won the debate outright.  Nevertheless you should vote with a clear conscience and I'm glad that this website's forum has people of various opinions which shows the stereotype of Rangers fans as being strictly pro-Union is inaccurate.  Consequently, for clarity, as a website Gersnet will remain, well independent, of trying to influence anyone.

It's going to be one of the most important 24 hours in Scottish and UK history. Good luck to all!