Obituary - bluebear54 (Gordon Young)

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It is with great sadness that I have to let everyone know the awful news that one of our own has passed away.

Gordon (bluebear54) joined Gersnet in 2011 and quickly became someone whose posts I always enjoyed reading. Friendly, knowledgeable and moderate, I sensed a fellow bear who enjoyed talking about our club but also realised the importance of being pragmatic in his approach. Indeed it wasn't long before he became a popular figure on the forums and, while, like many of us, he also used other sites I know he thought of our wee forum as his spiritual Rangers home from home.

Away from the daily excitement of following Rangers, Gordon's family describe him as an adventurer and a traveller. In fact he spent many years as a professional musician and lived in Denmark with his wife Inger for 18 years before finally settling back down in Scotland. Such an impression was made on the Danish people (and those of other countries) that many friends and family enjoyed travelling over to enjoy his company - over a beer or three of course!

It was during the course of 2011/12 that I came to know him better myself. At that time the Scottish Government were drafting a new piece of controversial legislation and Gordon's role as a senior civil servant enabled he and I to sit down and discuss the best way for Rangers supporters to address this. Given the potential Bill was aimed directly at football fans and the problems we'd had in that sense over the last ten years, Gordon's offer of help was invaluable and his hard-working contribution to the Rangers fans groups in specific regard to this Bill will forever be remembered by those of us who worked together to represent Rangers supporters' opinion in Parliament during that time.

Of course the Bill was passed but other circumstances of 2012 quickly meant the ramifications of the legislation were overtaken by problems closer to home for Rangers Football Club. Once more Gordon became a valued friend, counsel and forum member as he maintained a sensible outlook on the events of that year. More than once we had a beer or two to complain about the world conspiring against us. Little did Gordon know the challenges facing him then were small fry in comparison to those ahead.

Gordon was diagnosed with cancer in September of last year. This was news none of us want to hear in our lives but he took it in his stride and we all knew he'd fight it with the same vigour he had done other battles in his life. Obviously his family and friends rallied round to try and make the daily rigour of chemotherapy as comfortable a burden as possible to bear. I must make special mention of Jim Hannah and Rangers FC who provided Gordon and his Uncle with a fantastic evening in the Director's Box last November - he was incredibly appreciative!

For the next six months Gordon continued to fight his condition with amazing strength and dignity. Despite this awful illness he still enjoyed visiting our site and indeed contributed articles to both our site and Seventy2 fanzine - this again outlining his positive attitude to life where the rest of us may have stumbled. Unfortunately, in May of this year, Gordon and his family were given the news we all dreaded in that he only had a few months to live. Despite this Gordon kept on posting up until last week before he passed away peacefully last Thursday August 14th with his closest family by his side. To say myself and the rest of the Gersnet admin team were devastated with this news would be an understatement.

Gordon Young was a devoted father of three children - Neil, Sheena and Calla. He was smart, he was caring, he was full of life and stories - and he never did anything half-hearted.

He will never be forgotten.