Have Rangers given the Evening Times permission to publish verbatim copies of articles from the Rangers website?

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As far as I know our Club have had previous problems with certain people (particularly in the Scottish 'mainstream media') taking liberties by using the work of our Club's media department writers.

This is why at the bottom of the news articles on the official Rangers website they introduced a copyright notice which reads:

" Copyright 2014. Permission to use quotations from this article online is only granted subject to appropriate source credit and hyperlink to www.rangers.co.uk

It was therefore with a degree of surprise that after reading Andrew Dickson's Rangers match report on the Rangers website of the Brora Rangers 1-1 Rangers game up in sunny Sutherland this afternoon, that I popped onto NewsNow/Rangers (as you do!) and happened to open up the match report published by the Evening Times titled "Boyd rescues Rangers in Brora friendly".

The reason it's of interest and worth mentioning is that not only did the match report from the Evening Times appear to be a word-for-word (aka verbatim) copy of Andrew Dickson's whole match report, including it's mistakes/typos, but it didn't have any Evening Times author credit and perhaps more importantly, had no source credit or hyperlink as per the Rangers copyright notice.

So the question I'm throwing out there is this:

Have Rangers given the Evening Times explicit permission to copy & paste articles from the Rangers website, then change the article title and publish the article on the Evening Times website as if it was actually an Evening Times article?

If the answer is 'no' and Rangers haven't granted permission for this, then the only logical conclusion we can draw from this is that someone at the Evening Times is not only taking liberties, but perhaps even breaching copyright laws.

Below you'll find a screenshot of the original Rangers article and another of the one published by the Evening Times.


Original Rangers match report by Andrew Dickson

Evening Times version