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Where do We Draw the Line & When Does it Come to an End?

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I'm neither for or against the Scottish Cup game boycott and that might seem like a cop-out, but I have to sit on the fence on the issue because I've never been a regular attendee at our away games, only going to one on a very occasional basis. For that reason, I think it would be extremely hypocritical of me to even remotely try to dictate to other fans on the issue of boycotting the Dundee Utd game at Tannadice.

I do support the idea of hitting back at these SPL teams in principal, but it seems to me that we need to ask ourselves when does it come to an end and maybe more importantly, where do we draw the line? Are we only going to boycott Tannadice once as a one-off statement or is it something we'd consider doing again next season if drawn against them for a cup tie? What about the other SPL clubs who were involved in voting us out of our league? Are we going to boycott them all without any fear of repercussions from our Shady Football Association?

Then there's the question of where to draw the line with the grudge in terms of which clubs deserve to feel our wrath on their bank balance. I note that Charles Green mentioned Motherwell as one of the clubs we've already been friendly to this season and you'd assume that he's essentially saying that full cooperation with Motherwell and certain other clubs will continue, but the fact of the matter with regards to Motherwell is that the majority of their fans wanted us voted out of the SPL in the summer.

The Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Leanne Dempster at Motherwell were in a position where their club (which was being run on a tight and small budget as it was) couldn't actually afford to vote against our SPL membership share being transferred and us being allowed to continue playing in our league. That's exactly what their fans wanted their Board and CEO to do though because like fans at most of the SPL clubs, they could smell our blood and they were wallowing in our troubles.

So my point here is does it actually matter if the Motherwell Chief Executive has told Charles Green they didn't want to vote us out of our league, when the fact of the matter is that they were pressured into doing so by their own fans, by other clubs and by other clubs fans who were threatening to Boycott any club who voted in our favour?

The key factor here for me is that a majority of the Motherwell fans wanted us out, not in and just like the fans of other clubs in the league, they were willing to damage their own club's bank balance to make it happen, so why should we be friendly to their club? We can't treat Motherwell as pals just because we like wee Stuart McCall, can we?

Do you see my point here? How do we fairly decide which clubs deserve to be boycotted when 10 of them voted us out of the league on the basis of pressure from their fans and politics within the league? Ten of them voted us out, so surely all 10 of them deserve to be boycotted in theory? If there were a few clubs saying to Charles green that they didn't want to vote us out, but had no choice, then why didn't they do what Kilmarnock's Chairman Michael Johnston chose to do and abstain from the vote?

I'm also wondering where Charles Green and our new owners stand on the subject of further boycotts? What happens if we boycott this game at Tannadice and then Charles Green & his gaffers refuse to back a full boycott of the next game we're playing away at Parkhead and thousands of Bears go to the match? That would make us look extremely lame if it happened because we all know that Celtic fans have been the worst culprits of all in terms of getting us voted out of our league and trying to kill off our club. If anything, maybe we should never take our ticket allocation for an away game at Parkhead again?

That then brings me to the question of where our new owners' stand on all of this. Do we think as purely investors in the business that they're going to want to refuse millions of pounds worth of ticket allocations over the next two or three seasons? I think they'll be freaking out at the prospect of that to be honest and I don't think they'll support very many more boycotts.

They've supported this one by refusing the ticket allocation because they didn't have much choice ahead of their share offering and they've played a smart hand by supporting the fans this week, but what about future calls for match boycotts? Are our fan representatives going to ask Charles Green for assurances on the issue of official club support for future boycotts and are they going to ask these questions right now?

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