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Towards the end of last season, we launched our weekly Gersnet Podcast and we've been delighted with the response across the community with thousands of views and subscribers already across our various platforms. As promised the pod will be available on a regular basis so today we're very happy to bring you our latest episodes. With the British Podcast Awards also taking place this month, it would be great if all our regular listeners and subscribers, could vote for us using the details below.

This week, due to holidays, we have two episodes to share via our main site. Last Sunday, Ross, Frankie and David were discussing all the action from our 0-3 win away at Fir Park, as well as another tough week of matches for the Ibrox club. Meanwhile, this Sunday, Colin, Christine and Frankie discussed the latest RFC news and transfer rumours as well as having a walk down memory lane regarding their first Rangers games and cup finals. Keep an eye on our Youtube channel for our next live event (usually Sundays at 9.30pm).

We'd also like invite all our listeners to vote for us in this month's British Podcast Awards - simply click the link, search for 'Gersnet' and when the pod appears, click the image to submit your vote. It only takes a few seconds and your support is very much appreciated. Remember, our pod is free and contains no adverts so your backing is a great help.

At the moment you can subscribe to the pod via the platforms below the video (remember to download their app from the App Store and/or Google Play) if you want to listen/download on your mobile devices. If you encounter any problems, then please email us for help.

  • Acast: (also compatible with Alexa Skills - use your Echo to enjoy the pod!)
  • iTunes:
  • Youtube:
  • Castbox: (also compatible with Alexa Skills - use your Echo to enjoy the pod!)
  • Google Play (USA only for now): Listen on Google Play Music
  • TuneIn:
  • Stitcher: (also compatible with Alexa Skills - use your Echo to enjoy the pod!)
  • Podbean: Coming soon
  • Spotify: (also compatible with Alexa Skills - use your Echo to enjoy the pod!)
  • Alexa Skills!

    Another cool feature of Acast, Castbox, Stitcher and TuneIn is that you can add Skills to your Alexa smart devices in order to listen to the pod through your Echo or TV.

    Just open your Amazon Alexa app and search for the relevant Skill to add it, then try the following example commands to get started:

    “Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn to play the Gersnet Podcast”
    “Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn to play the latest episode of the Gersnet Podcast”
    “Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn to play my Favorites playlist”
    “Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn to play Front Page”
    “Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn what are my playlists?”
    “Alexa, Ask Acast/Stitcher/CastBox/TuneIn to play Listen Later”

    Obviously the Skills support various other relevant commands which you can have fun exploring!

    Remember and post your feedback on the forum and/or get in touch via social media or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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